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If you are female, expressing hatred for your own body is not just acceptable, it’s practically de rigeur. Failure to indulge in the requisite amount of self-flagellation – my thighs! my skin! my face! – isn’t just negligent, it’s unfeminine. Self-hatred is fundamental to how femininity is constructed, more fundamental than any of the more obvious external symbols (dress, make-up, shoes). What matters is not that you are beautiful, but you know your place in the beauty hierarchy (and since every woman ages, every woman’s place will eventually be somewhere at the bottom).

Young women are encouraged to bond over their dislike of excess body hair, surplus flesh and “uneven” skin. They are meant to do so in a jovial way, egged on by perky adverts informing them what “real women” do: worry about having underarms beautiful enough for a sleeveless top, celebrate curves with apologetic booty shakes and cackle ruefully over miserable Sex-and-the-City-style lunches of Ryvita and Dulcolax. It’s a gendered ritual; men get football and booze, women get control pants and detoxes. We are supposed, of course, to be grateful. Hey, you don’t have to be perfect! Just know you’re not perfect and act accordingly, with the appropriate levels of guilt and shame!

Fairy tale after fairy tale tells us that what matters is being beautiful “on the inside” but what does that really mean? It means submission, obedience and the suppression of one’s own desires. Don’t be haughty and proud. Clean the hearth. Kiss the frog. Love the beast. Suck it up when you’re replaced by a younger model. Sure, you may look fine, but you mustn’t feel fine. You mustn’t be vain. You mustn’t be angry. All fury and pain must be turned back on itself. That way you’ll be a real princess: silent, fragile and never threatening to challenge the status quo.

Not even fussed about Sam Pepper because white dudebro “pranksters” and “practical jokers” are disgusting people and I thought everyone knew that by now.



Having so much trouble not translating ‘uisce’ as ‘whiskey’.

On the other hand, I can now pronounce ‘Gaeilge’.

I have giggled at this madness. Because I am ten.

I thought you were eleven.


"What’s your biggest goal in life?"
"To afford to live."
(Chi Linh, Vietnam)


"What’s your biggest goal in life?"

"To afford to live."

(Chi Linh, Vietnam)

Anonymous asked
What yogscast urls have u got?

MahoganyFantastic (which is now a really dated reference, I guess)



Someone out there has the URL Brobama and they’re NOT EVEN USING IT. A travesty.

Although also, that reminds me: I have some cool Yogscast URLS if anyone wants them.


season 1 picard: how do we contemplate the powers of the Q being? do we dare oppose it?

season 2-7 picard: get the fuck off my bridge or so help me