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Thank you all; here, have some maths!

What. What is this? How? I…ok. Ok, I can do this. So, 60 of you pay attention to me. That is insane to me. While it’s still a relatively small number compared to, say, what Jeannine has, with Tumblr I know that at least 55 of those are real people who legitimately know who I am and read what I post. Wow.

I wanted to say something about this at a significant number. I had originally picked 52 (FIFTY TWO! FIFTY TWO!) because of 52, but my 52nd follower was somebody refollowing me on a different account (hi Peter!), so instead I chose 60. What’s so special about 60?

Well, 60 is a highly-composite number. In fact, it’s the largest highly-composite number under 100. What does this mean? Well, highly-composite numbers have more factors than any number below them. This makes them incredibly useful for all kinds of measurement, because they can be neatly subdivided in more ways than any other number of the same magnitude. For this reason, highly-composite numbers tend to appear very commonly among all things done by humans. They generally form the base of our measurement systems and are used quite often in all forms of culture. 60 specifically is best known as the number of minutes in an hour and seconds in a minute. This is one theory for why the number was chosen. The other competing theory is a sociological one, arguing that interaction between cultures using base 10 counting systems and base 6 counting systems yielded our current time measurement system as a sort of compromise. 24, the number of hours in a day, is also a highly-composite number, as is my favourite number: 6 (I may do a post in the future about why 6 is my favourite number, if anyone’s interested).

So, there’s some knowledge of the day for you. I hope you learned something. And thanks to all of you for paying attention to me. I’ll try to bring each of you more of whatever you follow me for, whether it’s poetry, book reviews (I’m still reading Infinite Jest! I’ll explain why I haven’t been posting about it when I get nearer to the end), Nerdcrafteria stuff, or Homestuck reblogs. You’re all awesome :)

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